Precautions for slitting machine row knives

28. August, 2023|delish|0Views

Slitting machine is a kind of high-precision cutting equipment, which is widely used in production and processing, such as food, medicine, chemical, household and other fields. In the process of using the slitting machine, the cutting knife is a very important link. Below, let's talk about the precautions for slitting machine row knives.

Precautions for slitting machine row knives

1、Preparation before rowing knives

1. Confirm the size and thickness of the cutting item in order to determine the cutting knife and cutting speed.

2. Clean the blades, molds and pressure wheels of the slitting machine.

3. Confirm whether the cutting edge of the slitting machine is passivated and whether the blade needs to be replaced.

2、the choice of row knife

1. Select the knife suitable for cutting the item, and select the corresponding blade and mold according to the item to be cut.

2. Choose the right cutting speed. When choosing the cutting speed, it should be adjusted according to different items. If the cutting speed is too fast, it will lead to uneven incisions and reduced cutting quality.

3、 the adjustment of the row knife

1. The cutting item must be placed in a suitable position, otherwise there will be an error when cutting the item.

2. Determine the cutting thickness and adjust the pressure roller to match the height of the cut item to ensure the accuracy of cutting.

3. The knife should be adjusted according to the size, thickness and size of the knife of the cut item. The gap between the blade and the mold must be just right, if the gap is too large, it is easy to lead to low cutting accuracy, and the gap is too small to cause the blade to wear.

4、the precautions in the row knife

1. During the knife rowing process, the residue between the cutting item and the cutting knife should be cleaned regularly to ensure the cutting quality.

2. During the cutting process, adjust the cutting depth of the knife in time. If the cutting depth is too shallow, it will lead to an incomplete incision, and if it is too deep, it will damage the item.

3. When replacing the tool, the slitting machine should be powered off first. When changing knives, never touch the knife edge with your hands to avoid injury.

To sum up, the row knife is an important part of the normal operation of the slitting machine, and it is also one of the most critical steps in the operation of the slitting machine. Before arranging the knife, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations, select suitable tools and adjust the position of the knives, pay attention to maintaining the stability of the cut items, and ensure the cutting quality and operation safety.