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Film And Paper Rewinder 750mmFilm And Paper Rewinder 750mmFilm And Paper Rewinder 750mm

Film And Paper Rewinder 750mm

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General-purpose rewinder is a device used for rewinding paper, film, plastic and other coils. It usually consists of a coil feeding device, a coil winding device and a control system.The main function of the winder is to uncoil the coil from a larger roll and then rewind it into a smaller roll for easy subsequent processing and use. Rewinder is widely used in paper processing, printing, packaging, plastic film and other industries. It can improve production efficiency, reduce coil waste, and ensure the quality and flatness of the coil.


Jumbo roll width750mm in max.
Unwind roll OD.500mm in max.
Jumbo roll300kgs in max.
Jumbo roll core ID3"  or 6"
Jumbo installationWith shaft inside
Finished roll OD.200mm in max.
Working speed300m/min max.
Motor power4KW
Electricity power380V 3phase 50HZ
Air power0.6-0.8mpa
Machine weight350kgs
Machine size1400*800*1380(mm)

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