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Planar Full Auto Mask MachinePlanar Full Auto Mask MachinePlanar Full Auto Mask Machine

Planar Full Auto Mask Machine

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Planar Full Auto Mask Machine is a large sized manufacturing unit which deals in the production of face masks to prevent the harmful particles to enter the body during breathing in the open environment. The machine is fully automatic which reduces the labour force and also helps to increase the productivity. It is capable to control all the processes required which includes feeding, aluminium strip inserting cutting, folding, ultrasonic fusing, slicing etc. all by itself at a relatively faster rate. Planar Full Auto Mask Machine is provided with a computer controlled which helps to adjust various operating parameters to decrease the failure rate.

The working is very simple which takes only five steps to make a highly finished durable cover. First the material and the nose wire is entered into to the machine, which after processing goes to the folding and then ultrasonic fusing unit. After the fusing is completed the blank making unit comes in action to make slices from where distributor collects and places the blank mask on the conveyor for the welding of the ear loops on both sides. It is capable to make 1 to 4 levels of the mask blanks which can also be customized as per the requirements of the customers. It require a normal temperature conditions with a humidity in between 40 to 80 percent for the efficient working. The machine do not requires any stabilizer but if the fluctuations is more than 5 percent then it is advised to install a voltage stabilization device for the safety of the components. The working area should be free from any intense electromagnetic interference and is also free of dust and other contaminations.


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