How does a slitting machine work?

04. September, 2023|delish|0Views

Slitting machine is one of the widely used automation equipment in modern production lines, which is used to automatically cut roll materials into multiple segments along a certain length or width direction, and can also carry out automatic measurement, counting and other processes. So, how does it work? It mainly introduces the transmission system, cutting system and control system in detail.

How does a slitting machine work?


The transmission system of the slitting machine is mainly composed of electric motor, transmission shaft, turbine, gear, etc. Through the transmission of the motor, the drive shaft rotation drives the turbine and gear movement, so as to realize the relative movement of the cutting blade. The speed and force of the drivetrain is the key to the efficient and stable operation of the entire equipment.

Cutting system

The cutting system of the slitting machine is divided into two categories, namely manual cutting and automatic cutting. Automatic cutting is divided into fixed-length cutting and quantitative cutting. Fixed-length cutting is to automatically cut the material into multiple segments of the same length under the control of the transmission system and counter, with a preset length as the division unit. Quantitative cutting, on the other hand, is to cut the axial material in segments according to preset units, which can be cut out of multiple parts of the material in a short time and measure their quantity.

Control system

The control system of the slitting machine includes two aspects: the electrical part and the hydraulic part. The electrical part is mainly composed of PLC, touch screen, counter, driver, etc., and the automatic control of the equipment is realized through programming or preset parameters; The hydraulic part is to control the lifting, forward and backward movement of the equipment through the high-pressure oil pipe. The whole control system realizes automatic regulation and real-time monitoring of each process through integrated control to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the entire equipment.

To sum up, the working principle of the slitting machine is mainly through the transmission system, cutting system, control system and other links for high-speed and accurate automatic slitting operation, which improves production efficiency and quality, and is widely used in all walks of life.