How to deal with the slitter when it encounters an exception during operation

20. October, 2023delish0

1. Semi-finished products produce wrinkles when winding

The pressure of the tension cylinder can be appropriately increased.

2. When the finished product is rolled

Whether the reel is too tense or related to the glue at the time of glue.

3. When the middle of the semi-finished product is relaxed

This is closely related to uneven gluing and uneven substrate, at which point the bow roller should be adjusted to flatten it, or the unwinding reel tension should be increased and the substrate should be compacted with a knife tube.

How to deal with the slitter when it encounters an exception during operation

4. Induction switch function and adjustment:

(1) The induction switches of this machine are fixed-point and do not need to make any adjustments.

(2) Counter induction: four-point sensing, with three-stage length. Counter for smooth braking and accurate control.

(3) Exchange axis induction: once each axis change, the counter accumulates once in order to calculate the number of finished products.

5. Scroll tension setting:

(1) The tension of the tape on the reeling shaft is controlled by the tension adjustment nut.

(2) Rotate the nut clockwise, the tape is tightened, rotate the nut in the counterclockwise direction, and the tape is relaxed.

6. Non-parallel handling of the reeling shaft:

(1) Check whether the left and right sprockets are loose.

(2) Install the four reeling shafts, make horizontal adjustment on both sides, correct the position, rely on the adjustment screws on both sides of the internal sprocket on the right side, first adjust the left side, adjust to the desired angle, and then adjust from the right side to the horizontal.

7. Scrap winding and adjustment:

(1) Adjust the bushing on the edge material shaft appropriately to align it with the edge material position.

(2) First operate manually until enough offcuts can entangle the offcuts and roll the shaft.

(3) When the machine starts the slitting operation, the offcuts will be automatically reeled.