A brief description of hot stamping film slitting machine

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A brief description of hot stamping film slitting machine

In order to meet the needs of the development of anodized aluminum hot stamping process, the hot stamping film slitting machine is specially developed for hot stamping aluminum foil slitting and rewinding. Under certain pressure and temperature conditions, the gold foil, silver foil, anodized aluminum foil, holographic hot stamping foil, composite foil and other materials are transferred to the surface of the substrate according to the hot stamping template pattern, which presents a special visual effect in terms of gloss, three-dimensional and metallic feeling, and is widely used in the packaging field of high-end products such as trademarks, anti-counterfeiting, and cigarette boxes. With the increasing degree of automation of hot stamping machines, it will become the mainstream trend for intelligent anodized aluminum hot stamping foil slitting machines to gradually replace traditional manual slitting machines.

Introduction to hot stamping film

Hot stamping film, also known as hot stamping aluminum foil, has a thickness ranging from 10 μm to 20 μm, and generally includes five materials: base film, isolation layer, protective layer, metal layer and adhesive layer. The base film layer is generally a biaxially oriented PE film, which serves as the basic support for each other functional layer. The separator is used to separate the hot stamping foil from the mylar film to facilitate the release during the hot stamping process. The protective layer is applied to the hot stamping pattern to protect it and to display the color. The metal layer is generally evenly sprayed with aluminum under vacuum to achieve the effect of metallic luster and reflecting light. The adhesive layer melts when the hot stamping is heated, and acts as a bonding of anodized aluminum foil and the substrate. The hot stamping process needs to confirm the appropriate pressure and temperature according to the performance parameters of anodized aluminum, the best temperature is generally between 90 °C and 140 °C, too low temperature will lead to insufficient melting of the isolation layer and adhesive layer, too high temperature will also have problems such as pasting and oxidation of aluminum layer. Too low pressure will affect the firmness of hot stamping, and too high pressure will also cause deformation of the substrate and affect the hot stamping effect. In addition, the speed of hot stamping also affects the bonding time of hot stamping aluminum foil and printed matter, and the slower the speed, the stronger the hot stamping. Generally speaking, the hot stamping process is carried out on the surface of the printed pattern, but there are also hot stamping on the blank substrate, and then printing graphics and texts on the surface of the metal foil, which is generally used in the occasion of large-area hot stamping.

Types of hot stamping aluminum foil slitting machines

1. The manual hot stamping foil slitting machine generally fixes the anodized aluminum mother coil on the central shaft, measures the required width and adjusts the knife holder to the specified position with a crocker. Start the power center axis to start to drive the hot stamping paper to rotate, and press the handle of the knife holder until the slitting process is completed. This slitting machine has a low cost, simple operation, and is suitable for sporadic and small roll diameter cutting needs. However, the flatness and accuracy of the end face after slitting are poor, and it is difficult to meet the production requirements of the automatic hot stamping machine in terms of efficiency, and it is gradually eliminated by the market.

2. The automatic hot stamping foil slitting equipment is suitable for large roll diameter and batch hot stamping film cutting needs. The speed of the automatic slitting machine specially designed and developed by Delish for PE hot stamping film can reach 500 meters, and it can divide various widths (minimum width 25mm) of hot stamping paper rolls according to needs at one time, which greatly improves production efficiency. The unwinding adopts 3" and 6" shaftless cone top structure, the left and right unwinding racks can be moved horizontally and independently to adjust the unwinding width, and the unwinding racks can also be equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism to achieve automatic winding function. The control includes unwinding tension control, meter detection, roll diameter calculation and deviation correction control system, and automatic closed-loop control system to ensure that the tightness of the film roll is appropriate and the end face is neat. According to the different thickness of the material, it provides two ways to choose from razor slitting and pneumatic round knife cutting, and is equipped with a scale to make the knife setting process easier and faster, and the waste edge is blown out through the blowing edge system. The winding is available with 1" and 3" inflatable shafts, which can be used to quickly locate the core position by laser light. The winding tension is controlled by calculating the change of the winding diameter to ensure the constant tension of the hot stamping material.

Application of anodized aluminum hot stamping paper slitting machine

In addition to anodized aluminum foil, anodized aluminum hot stamping film slitting machine is also widely used in the slitting and rewinding of gold foil, silver foil, powder foil, composite aluminum foil, holographic hot stamping foil and other hot stamping materials. In order to meet the needs of users for the diversification and refinement of product packaging, a high-quality automatic hot stamping paper slitting machine can make the film material rewind neatly, the tension control is uniform, the touch screen operation is more intuitive, and the operation is more humanized and will not vary from person to person. In practical application, the hot stamping film manufacturers continue to deepen their understanding of material characteristics and slitting process, constantly summarize experience while slitting various anodized aluminum materials, optimize the configuration of slitting machine parameters, and maximize the value of the hot stamping film slitting machine.