Which manufacturer of slitting machine is better

04. February, 2024|delish|0Views

Which manufacturer of slitting machine is better

The slitting machine is particularly suitable for the slitting of narrow strips (insulating materials, mica tapes, films, etc.). Nowadays, more and more manufacturers of slitting machine products, but due to the uneven technical level of each one, but can not choose one because of the price, which not only can not guarantee the quality of the product, but also has no guarantee after sale. Instead, you should choose a regular manufacturer when you buy, and then determine the one that suits you according to your own needs.

The slitting machine is mainly to cut the large drum mother roll into products of different widths, and can have the role of checking the quality of the product. Its main features are as follows:

1. Unwinding photoelectric deviation correction, high precision; There are two gears: manual and automatic

2. There can be two winding methods: surface winding and intermediate winding;

3. The unwinding tension adopts automatic tension;

4. Round knife slitting, reliable quality and easy adjustment;

5. The surface is intermediate coiling, and the coiling quality is uniform and stable;

6. Automatic shutdown of fixed length, automatic meter counting of length;

7. It has an edge cutting device, and the edge material is discharged by the fan;