How to choose a good slitting machine?

22. March, 2024delish0

How to choose a good slitting machine?

To buy a good slitting machine, we need to understand the composition of the slitting machine. Only in this way can we procure a slitting machine with good slitting effect and high precision, which is suitable for us. Let's talk about the composition and structure of the slitting machine.

1. Winding mechanism

The winding mechanism has multi-station winding, slip shaft winding, and air expansion shaft winding. Suitable for a wide range of membranes and requirements.

2. Traction mechanism

Most of the traction parts have two structures

One is the transmission mechanism of rubber roller and steel roller, and the other is the design mechanism of "S" type large bag angle. Each has its own strengths.

3. Unwinding mechanism

The unwinding mechanism has active unwinding and passive unwinding, active unwinding is generally equipped with motor active unwinding, and passive unwinding is generally equipped with magnetic powder brake or pneumatic brake mechanism. Different configurations affect the speed and tension control size.

4. Rack

The robustness of the frame depends on the stability, durability, noise and vibration of the machine. There are steel plate frames, cast iron frames. There are also those with a base, and there are those without a base.

5. The brand and origin of the accessories

The slitting machine is configured with brands of different origins, and its stability, durability, and performance effect are also obviously different.

Lao Tie said that the water of the original slitting machine is very deep, so the purchase of slitting machine can not only compare the price, but also compare more structures and configurations.