How do slitting machine manufacturers do a good job of management

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How do slitting machine manufacturers do a good job of management

If the slitting machine is not well managed in the production process, it will be a mess and even cause serious losses. The following is an introduction by the slitting machine manufacturer to how the manufacturer does a good job of management.

1. The post personnel should pay attention to the slitting quality of the product, check the width, roll length and other indicators, and fill in various quality records as required.

2. The operator must be familiar with the performance of the machine and carry out the production operation in strict accordance with the methods specified in the equipment manual. To keep the slitting machine clean and tidy, it is strictly forbidden to place tools or supplies on the machine.

3. During the work, pay attention to observe the running status of the unwinding end of the cloth roll, if the system does not have the function of "automatic deceleration and shutdown in advance", before the cloth roll is about to be exhausted, it is necessary to reduce the speed and stop the machine in advance.

4. It is necessary to confirm that the personnel and equipment are in a safe state before starting the slitting machine, the acceleration process should be smooth, and the operators and post personnel should communicate and coordinate with each other.

5. The slitting knife can only be installed or replaced after the machine stops rotating and the power is turned off. When adjusting the position of the slitter during operation, someone should supervise it on the worktop. The replaced slitting tools should be collected and stored in a centralized manner and placed in the designated position.

6. During the operation of the slitting machine, the post personnel should be on duty on site to monitor and manage the equipment. In case of dangerous situations, emergency measures should be taken in time to stop the operation of the machine and prevent accidents.

7. During the operation of the slitting machine, it is forbidden to work in the "bite" area, and the personnel should avoid the position of the blade crushing and throwing out. When the cloth roll is still in the rotating state, it is forbidden to directly touch the moving product with hands or tools, and check the cutting quality of the cloth roll.

8. Reasonably set and adjust various operating parameters to improve the quality of slitting, and the adjustment process should be carried out smoothly. Do not use bent winding rods, or eccentric mother rolls that are deformed and out of round, and run at a speed that avoids the resonance area of the equipment.

9. It is necessary to place the unwinding cloth roll in the specified direction and position, and there should be reliable positioning measures to prevent the cloth roll from axial channeling and radial runout.

10. When pushing out or unloading the product cloth roll, the operator should pay attention to avoiding the movement trajectory and area of the moving mechanism to prevent collision or mechanical injury. During the unwinding process, it is necessary to operate at both ends or on the outside to make the finished product unload smoothly.

11. Correctly use and keep all kinds of measuring instruments, and correctly operate and use supporting lifting, transportation, loading and unloading facilities.