The slitting machine often encounters faults during use

08. May, 2024|delish|0Views

The slitting machine often encounters faults during use

Slitters are very important equipment for the process industry, and they are used almost every day, and if they fail, they can hinder the production process and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, daily maintenance is a must, and the following points are summarized for reference, hoping to help you

First, the slitting machine is not evenly winded. Most of this situation is due to the fact that the paper core is not applicable, as long as the paper core that meets the required inner diameter is replaced, and the winding pressure roller is used in the winding process, the uneven winding of the slitting machine can also be avoided.

Second, the meter counting is not accurate. This kind of problem can be metered wheel, the two wheels at the same time contact the feeding rubber roller, and make a mark on the metering wheel, hand crank 5 times for the count, 1 meter, otherwise replace the meter.

Third, the trend of slitting and winding materials. This is mainly due to the incorrect winding tension, adjust the appropriate winding tension of the paper slitting machine, use a pressure roller for winding, and wrap the slitting material through the pressure roller before entering the winding paper core.