How the slitter is set up and controlled

11. May, 2024|delish|0Views

How the slitter is set up and controlled

The slitting machine is often used in the paper industry, in fact, there are wires and cables, mica tape and printing and packaging industry are also involved, but we are not very clear about the start-up and design control of the slitting machine, this operation is the more commonly used operation of the slitting machine in normal work, and the following is by the slitting machine manufacturer to introduce to you how the slitting machine is set and controlled.

The setting control of the slitting machine, the slitting menu is set according to the type, thickness, length, width, etc. of the film arranged in the slitting plan, and the corresponding BOPP film file is lifted from the PDF. Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the roller arm and roller of the slitting machine, install the paper core of the corresponding specification of the slitting machine, and set the winding length and width of the film of the corresponding specification.

Open the power switch of the hydraulic system of the slitting machine (arranged on the main hydraulic drive frame), check whether the oil level and pressure gauge of the main hydraulic drive system can be correct and stable, open the pneumatic shut-off valve (set on the air inlet pipe under the pneumatic control cabinet), and check whether the air pressure of the slitting machine can be correct (not less than 6.0bar) and stable.

When we are operating the slitting machine, we can stop the operation according to the start and setting control method of the slitting machine, and the correct way to operate and use the slitting machine is what we all need. The slitter is used to instruct the equipment operator to operate and operate the equipment correctly.