Daily maintenance and maintenance content of slitting machine

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Daily maintenance and maintenance content of slitting machine

Before use, the primary parts of the slitting machine should be checked and lubricated with oil; When inspecting the disassembly and slitting machine, it is strictly forbidden to use inappropriate tools and unscientific operation methods; Conduct a full cleaning and inspection of the machine every two weeks; If the slitting machine is stopped for a long time, all the bright surface must be scrubbed and cleaned, coated with anti-sizing oil, and covered with a plastic sleeve to cover the whole machine. If the slitting machine has been out of service for more than 3 months, it should be covered with moisture-proof paper on the anti-polish oil; After the operation is completed, the equipment is carefully cleaned, and the exposed friction surface is scrubbed and cleaned, and lubricated with oil.

To do a good job in the daily maintenance and protection of the slitting machine, the following five points should be done:

1, the electrical parts should be cleaned and inspected regularly to remove hidden dangers in time.

2, the use of slitting machine is completed by slitting machine and cross-cutting machine, so high-quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife should be used.

3, the daily maintenance of the slitting machine should be in place, and its criterion is that lubrication, cleaning, and liquidation (no dust, no debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

4, it is to protect the operation, and the regular and irregular inspection of the rolling parts should be suspended (especially for the wearing parts, the real-time monitoring should be suspended). Implement regular adjustments, regular changes, commutators and make detailed records to achieve the intention of extending the service life of the equipment.

5, improve the essence and degree of skills of the personnel who operate the slitting machine, and the operation of the control part should be done by a special person, and no one shall operate it by himself without permission.