Three slitting methods of slitting machine and their technological process

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Three slitting methods of slitting machine and their technological process

Slitting machine is a kind of equipment that uses mechanical devices to cut materials, which is used in the production and processing of various industries. There are three main slitting methods of slitting machine, which are static slitting, dynamic slitting and rotary slitting. The following will introduce these three slitting methods and their technological processes in detail.

1. Three slitting methods of slitting machine

1. Static slitting

Static slitting is to cut on the material through a fixed knife, which is suitable for some hard materials, such as paper, cloth, etc. In static slitting, the machine's cutter does not move, but fixes the material in one position and then cuts it by the cutting of the cutter.

2. Dynamic slitting

Dynamic slitting is to cut through the back and forth movement of the blade in the machine on the material, which is suitable for softer materials, such as foam, sponge, etc. In dynamic slitting, the blade moves quickly and finally achieves a predetermined slitting effect with multiple cuts.

3. Rotary slitting

Rotary slitting is to fix the material and rotate the cutter to cut, which is suitable for thicker materials, such as rubber, rubber sheet, etc. In rotary slitting, the cutter rotates continuously, while the material is fixed in a position, and finally the predetermined slitting effect is achieved by cutting.

2.the process flow of the slitting machine

1. Import the material you want to cut

The operator needs to import the material to be cut into the slitter and fix it.

2. Choose the appropriate slitting method

According to the nature of the material and the required cutting effect, choose the appropriate slitting method, such as static slitting, dynamic slitting or rotary slitting.

3. Set the slitting parameters

According to the nature of the material and the required cutting effect, set the slitting parameters, such as slitting speed, slitting depth, etc. In general, the slitter provides preset parameters that can be modified by the user as needed.

4. Start the slitting machine

After setting the parameters, start the slitting machine for slitting.

5. Carry out the follow-up processing process

Depending on the need, some subsequent processing processes can be carried out after cutting, such as gluing, layer superposition, etc.

6. Check the cutting result

Check the cutting result of the slitting machine, and if there are non-conforming products, sort them out or re-cut them.

7. Packing, labeling

Prepare for packaging and sales such as packaging and marking of qualified products.

In short, the slitting machine is a kind of equipment that can greatly improve the production efficiency, and the slitting method and process flow are also important factors that affect the cutting effect. With a reasonable slitting method and process, you can get better cutting results, improve production efficiency and product quality.