Introduction of PVC film slitting machine

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Introduction of PVC film slitting machine

PVC film, also known as PVC film, can be mass-produced by blow molding or calendering process, with low cost, and is widely used in food, packaging, building materials, medical, agriculture and other fields. The PVC slitting machine is to precisely cut the large roll of PVC film material into narrow film rolls of different widths to meet the different specifications of the end market for PVC materials. The quality of PVC film slitting machine directly affects the final quality and rejection rate of the finished film.

Types of PVC films

PVC materials mainly include flexible PVC film with plasticizers and rigid PVC films without plasticizers. Soft PVC film, also known as plasticized PVC film, has better elastic properties and tensile strength, due to the presence of softener less used in packaging food, poor toughness is not conducive to long-term storage, commonly used including flooring, leather, raincoats, tablecloths, etc. In addition, it can also be used in medical supplies such as infusion bags and hoses, but it has been gradually replaced by TPE composite films, which are safer and more environmentally friendly. Hard PVC film, also known as unplasticized PVC film, has good air tightness, is not easy to break, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used for food packaging and cigarette wrapping film materials, the disadvantage is that it is easy to become brittle at low temperature, and is not suitable for frozen packaging.

The working principle of PVC film slitting machine

The PVC slitting machine is generally composed of multiple stations such as unwinding, edge alignment, slitting, and winding. When loading, the spacing is adjusted by the cylinder driving the unwinding chuck until the chuck locks the PVC film roll core. The edge of the unwinding material needs to be adjusted to the middle position of the guiding probe, and the automatic edge alignment mode should be set. On the touch screen, input material process parameters such as unwinding diameter, width and thickness, and set the corresponding tension curve and pressure curve. Set the slitting knife in position according to the required width, and let the blade leave the groove and be lifted. Use the jog switch to pull out the PVC sheet film, and pull it all the way to the winding station according to the film walking diagram, and be careful not to touch the blade when passing through the knife shaft to cause personal injury. Load the paper core on the winding shaft and align it with the PVC narrow film after slitting, set the winding tension and lock the paper core, bond the film to the winding paper core with tape, and put down the pressure roller to ensure the stability of the winding. Finally, set the speed and start the machine.

After starting, the machine enters a slow operation, and the operator pays attention to the operation of the machine and adjusts it, including the position of the parent roll, the tension of the rewinding and unwinding roll, the pressure of the contact roller and the contact angle of the arc roller, etc. When slitting has waste edges, it is necessary to start the fan, and put the waste materials into the suction edge port and blow them out through the air flow. After the adjustment is completed, you can press the speed up button to make the machine run at the set speed. Generally speaking, when the preset length is reached by the stop button or the meter counter, the PVC film slitting machine will gradually decelerate to zero according to the preset time. When equipment or people are threatened, an emergency shutdown can be slowed down to zero and shut down in a very short period of time. When the slitting of the parent roll is completed, it is necessary to stop the operation, load and pull out the new parent roll to dock with the original film, and then repeat the previous operation. The unwinding is completed by the unloading frame, the unloading shaft rotates and engages with the winding shaft, releases the air pressure of the winding shaft, pushes the slitted PVC finished film to the unloading shaft, and the unloading shaft rotates and smoothly descends to the trolley or unloading area through the lifting mechanism to complete the unloading.

The development trend of PVC slitting machine

The PVC slitting machine market has basically shown a polarized pattern in recent years. With the continuous development of the flexible packaging industry, more and more small and medium-sized PVC slitting machine manufacturers have joined the market competition, these enterprises have fewer product types, lower technical content, and a higher degree of homogenization, and can only expand market share through price competition. On the other hand, some well-known slitting machine manufacturers use their own brand and technical advantages, continue to invest in research and development, and introduce new technologies such as intelligent digitalization to greatly improve the production efficiency and film-forming quality of PVC slitting machines. At the same time, it has developed a rich product line through market segments to fully meet the individual needs of different PVC film manufacturers and cover most of the customer groups. In addition, in the context of national green manufacturing, PVC slitting machine in the design, procurement, production, packaging, transportation, use and scrap disposal of all aspects of the business to reduce the impact on the environment, to achieve economic and social benefits win-win.