Analysis of the development status of slitting machine

06. September, 2023|delish|0Views

The mission power of the slitting machine is a comprehensive concept. In the slitting process, the stable tension system of the slitter is a major goal to ensure product quality, the magnetic powder clutch and brake is a special active actuator, the slitter is filled in the mission gap or film slitting moment, change the excitation current can change the magnetic condition of the magnetic powder, and then adjust the transmitted torque. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero preliminary to synchronous speed, suitable for high-speed section fine-tuning and medium and small power speed regulation system. The slitting machine controls the tension between unwinding, traction, slitting, winding, etc., so that the slitting data is always in a fluctuating state during the slitting process.

Assuming that the tension is controlled steadily, the slitting machine can prevent the deformation and drift of raw materials in the process of increasing and decreasing the speed of the machine. The general meeting creates the sum of the laborious and uncollected scroll tension for the next process. Most of the previous slitting machines of the slitting machine use magnetic particle clutch to control the tension, but the speed of the magnetic particle clutch can not be high, the slitting machine is easy to form a high-speed conflict of magnetic powder during operation, and the slitting machine now mostly uses a sagittal frequency conversion motor to control the tension system of the slitting machine, the use of pendulum roller active detection, man-machine for low temperature, the slitting machine shortens its life, and it will be stuck when it is severe, so that the machine operation is blocked.

With the development of technology, the servo drive skill and other composition. It is to cut raw materials into several independent units, its mission principle is to fix the raw materials on the discharge, one end of the discharge shaft is equipped with a magnetic powder tension manipulator to stabilize the tension required by the raw materials, and then through a pair of rubber rollers to pull the raw materials, the slitting machine is cut into several strips by the blade. Then through each guide roller to guide to A and B winding shaft to stop winding products.