The role of the slitter dust treatment device

09. September, 2023|delish|0Views

As we all know, we often have a lot of industrial dust on the machine after operating the slitting equipment, these are "toxic and harmful gases", easy to suffer from occupational diseases for a long time, very bad for the lungs, then, what equipment can effectively solve these problems?

The role of the slitter dust treatment device

In view of this problem, the slitting machine manufacturer has researched and produced a dust treatment device, which effectively solves the dust generated after suctioning and slitting.

Operation method: wipe through felt (white mineral oil can be added) and dust removal hood vacuuming; Material: tungsten steel blade, surface treatment: grinding, polishing, full throwing; And the angle can be customized, and the bedknife can be customized according to different specifications according to customer requirements.

The role of the slitter dust treatment device

The scope of application is commonly found in soft materials such as paper, packaging film, and non-woven fabrics.

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