Where to see the advantages and disadvantages of film slitting machines?

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Slitting machine is mostly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery, common slitting machines are film slitter, paper slitter, ribbon slitting machine, etc., which is connected with the transmission part and the inflatable shaft, by controlling the torque of the magnetic powder brake to control the speed of unwinding.

Where to see the advantages and disadvantages of film slitting machines?

The magnetic powder brake of the slitting machine mainly provides balanced and stable torque, which can be adjusted with the tension controller, so that the efficiency and quality of the unwinding work and the whole action of the slitting machine can be improved. Today I will take you to understand the characteristics and disadvantages of the slitting machine.

Main features of slitting machine:

The slitter machine is a magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, to output a DC voltage, control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control less tension.

Disadvantages of slitting machine:

The speed can not be high, and it is easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic powder during high-speed operation, resulting in high temperature, causing the magnetic powder clutch to heat up and shorten its life. A device used to cut a certain width of coil longitudinally with a tool and cut it into several narrow coils. After the slitter is installed in the calender or extruder, glue coating machine and other unit devices, it can complete continuous strip cutting, often with a winding device.

Film slitting machine is a professional printing equipment, mainly used for slitting various film materials. Its features and advantages are mainly as follows:

1. High-precision cutting: The film slitting machine adopts advanced cutting technology, with high precision and stability, which can achieve accurate slitting and control to ensure product quality and yield.

2. High-efficiency production: The film slitting machine adopts automatic control system and fast tool change design, which can realize rapid production and cutting operations, improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

3. Multi-functional application: film slitting machine can be used for slitting a variety of materials, such as various self-adhesive labels, electronic materials, plastic films, etc., which are widely used in printing, packaging, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

4. Easy to operate: The film slitting machine is equipped with a touch screen control system and intelligent processing procedures, which is easy to operate and learn, and the equipment can be operated and maintained without professional skills and advanced operators.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: The film slitting machine adopts the design of high efficiency energy consumption reduction, which can achieve energy saving and environmental protection, while reducing the waste of energy and materials, which is more in line with the concept of low-carbon economy and sustainable development.