The use and characteristics of self-adhesive slitting machine

27. September, 2023delish0

The self-adhesive slitting machine adopts unwinding hydraulic feeding, magnetic powder brake to control its tension, and the independent tailstock is equipped with imported EPC for automatic correction, with high accuracy, good positioning performance, and an error ± 0.1mm. Slitting with upper and lower round knives. 3-inch and 1.5-inch tile type coiled inflatable shafts for customers to choose. Automatic length counting, automatic edge blowing. The coil tension can be equipped with a tension automatic control system according to customer requirements. Swing winding reel, easy and fast operation, improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

The use and characteristics of self-adhesive slitting machine

Self-adhesive slitting machine is a supporting product of automatic roll trademark printing machine, roll die cutting machine, the machine is suitable for narrow strip slittering, with frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic meter counting, counting sheets, setting length automatic parking, alarm, unwinding by photoelectric eye automatic correction control, inflation shaft receiving, tension control, counting the number of advanced electric eyes, the whole machine has a compact structure, with fast speed, accurate slitting, simple operation, stable operation and other advantages.

Self-adhesive slitting machine use:

This machine is suitable for slitting various web book film materials, self-adhesive, aluminum foil, insulating paper, photosensitive materials, web paper and other base material slitting.

Features of self-adhesive slitting machine:

1. Photoelectric automatic tracking, correction device.

2. Magnetic particle tension control.

3. Automatic meter counting and waste air conveying device.