What are the uses and characteristics of film slitting machines

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Film slitting machine can: polyester film, aluminized film, BOPP LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films. The film slitting machine has a compact and reasonable structure and beautiful appearance; The base and side plates are cast in gray iron, which is firm and reliable. The winding adopts the upper and lower double gas rising axis co-directional center winding method, the clamping of winding and unwinding, and the action of the knife shaft and pressure roller are fully pneumatic control, which is easy and fast to operate. Single motor frequency conversion drive, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise; Tension control magnetic powder clutch winding, magnetic powder brake unwinding, tension control precision is high, fast response, wide adjustable range; Unwinding adopts advanced analog photoelectric automatic correction system, with electrostatic elimination device, edge blowing device, winding automatic meter counting. Each function can be configured according to customer requirements.

What are the uses and characteristics of film slitting machines

Film slitting machine use:

Suitable for slitting and rewinding of substrates such as film/paper.

Film slitting machine product features:

1. AC motor frequency conversion control, stable operation, equipped with double-stage counter, automatic length counting, automatic stop brake

2. Dual-axis center winding, single-side discharge structure

3. Automatic control of winding tension, with digital display, easy to adjust

4. Unwinding optional automatic guiding system (EPC or LPC)

5. The winding is equipped with a pressure roller to ensure that the end face of the material is flat.

Film slitting machine features:

1. This machine adopts upper and lower gas rising shaft winding, and the loading and unloading of winding is extremely convenient.

2. Winding magnetic powder clutch to control tension (optional automatic tension device).

3. Host frequency conversion speed regulation; Constant speed rubber traction rollers are provided to keep the slitting speed constant.

4. Equipped with length automatic meter counting, can set a certain length automatic shutdown and other functions.

5. Equipped with round knife, flat knife device and edge material fan blowing out.

6. Some devices use cylinder pneumatic to complete the operation, making the operation more convenient and simple.

7. The unwinding of this machine adopts magnetic powder brake to control the tension.

8. Unwinding raw materials adopt automatic feeding device.

9. Equipped with photoelectric correction, it can automatically track the edge of the slitting substrate for accurate wire slitting.