What matters should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the slitting machine

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1.the maintenance and precautions of the slitting machine

1. Maintenance

(1) There should be no debris in the pressure wheel, roll-out shaft and knife edge.

(2) When not in use, pay attention to turn off the power.

(3) Screws and knife edges should be frequently oiled to prevent rust.

2. Precautions

(1) When changing the size, be sure to retract the upper knife pressure before turning over the upper tool holder, otherwise the blade will be damaged; When not in use for a long time, anti-rust oil or engine oil is required.

(2) Slitting materials are limited to paper, Tedolon, PC, PVC, ABS, the thickness is within 250#, and cannot be used to slitter hard materials such as metals.

2. Slitting indentation safety operation procedures

The safety operation procedures of slitting indentation include inspection before start-up, crimping wheel gap adjustment, knife adjustment, knife sharpening, start-up operation and shutdown operation, specifically:

1. Check before booting

(1) Check whether the safety shield is reliable and make sure that the lubrication and refueling operation has been completed in accordance with the maintenance specifications.

(2) Check whether the power supply and gas supply are normal.

2. Crimping wheel clearance adjustment

Loosen the tightening screw of the crimping wheel gap adjustment device on the side of the control box, insert the adjustment hole with a special tool, adjust it up and down, you can adjust the crimping wheel gap, and after adjustment, tighten the fastening screw.

3. Adjust the knife

Loosen the fastening screw with a special wrench with teeth, insert it into the rack, move the distance between the knife and the knife left and right to the required position and tighten the screw, pay attention to the fact that when moving the knife, the knife holder must be lowered, so that the knife holder leaves the blade, and the knife can be adjusted to avoid damage to the knife, after confirming that the adjustment distance is correct, move the knife holder under the knife, and the gap is aligned with the blade.

4. Sharpen the knife

Sharpen the knife before work, wrench the power switch air valve switch to the "open" position, point the sharpening switch to the "manual" position, step on the sharpening knife foot switch/operation panel on the sharpening switch, you can manually sharpen the knife, the sharpening time is determined according to the cardboard situation.

5. Start-up operation

(1) Press the start button, actively start, the speed regulator switch to the "NO" position, rotate the speed control button, the speed control meter refers to 500-600 rpm, then the thin knife rotates, and the preparation work begins.

(2) Test feed a piece of paper to check whether the size of the separation paper and crimping line meets the requirements.

6. Shutdown operations

(1) Adjust the adjuster knob back to the "zero" position, adjust the speed switch to the "OFF" position, press the stop button, turn off the power, wipe the machine, check whether the mechanical action is loose, and add oil and lubrication to the active part.

(2) On-site ground cleaning, cleaning, sorting and returning various items, tools and utensils