The working principle and main structure of the slitting machine

06. October, 2023delish0

The main structure of the slitting machine:

1. The paper slitting machine should carry out fixed-length slitting processing of the whole roll or the whole raw material, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc. for slitting processing, and the fixed-length slitting control should be used.

2. The slitting length can be set continuously, if the actual slitting length has errors, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.

3. The slitting control of the paper slitting machine is divided into two types: static and dynamic slittering: it accurately stops when the set length arrives, and then static slitting processing, and restarts operation after slitting; When the set length arrives, the slitting signal is sent out without stopping, and the slitter dynamically slitters during the movement of the material.

The main structure of the slitting machine:

1. Rack part:

It is welded with thick steel plates.

2. Winding part:

The winding adopts 3-inch inflatable reel and magnetic powder tension controller to wind, this machine slitting the edging strip is easy to operate, and the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm.

3. Unwinding part:

Unwinding uses a 3-inch inflatulatory unwinding reel.

4. Cutter part:

The cutter can be made with an industrial scalpel blade or a flat knife (art blade), and the knife distance can be adjusted between 18mm and 1600mm.

5. Host part:

It mainly adopts a 5 KW motor, adopts an electronic speed control system, and manually adjusts the speed of the machine when in use.

6. Guide roller part:

The whole machine adopts chrome-plated steel pipe, and each one is dynamically balanced.

Slitting machines are widely used in luggage, daily necessities, protective supplies, environmental protection bags, stationery, plastics, paper mills and other industries.