The basic points of safe operation of the slitting machine

16. October, 2023delish0

First, the use environment requirements of the slitting machine:

The machine should be installed in a place with appropriate temperature, dry, ventilated, good light and convenient operation. In addition, in daily use, the use environment should be kept tidy, and the machine should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean.

Second, the operation requirements for using the slitting machine:

Use high-quality slitting and cross-cutting knives; The machine is to slitter the whole roll or the whole sheet of raw materials for fixed length; The fixed-length slitting control of the machine needs to be divided into two types: static and dynamic slitting; The most important performance indicators of machine fixed length slitting are slitting accuracy, and the length consistency of the finished product is good; The slitting length of the machine can be set continuously, and if there is an error in the actual slitting length, it needs to be calibrated by setting parameters.

Third, precautions for using a slitting machine:

Ensure the correctness and stability of voltage, current and hydraulic values before start-up; Before the machine is ready for operation, all personnel must be notified to leave to ensure personal safety before starting the machine for operation; When the machine is running, do not touch the running film roll or roller core with your hands to avoid personal injury by getting your hands involved; During operation, do not scratch or cut each roller core of the machine with a knife or hard object.

Fourth, the use of slitting machine maintenance:

The electrical parts should be checked and cleaned frequently, and hidden dangers should be swept away in time; The rotating parts should be inspected, cleaned and lubricated irregularly, especially the wearing parts should be checked and replaced frequently; Ensure that the fasteners of the machine are not loose; Make sure that the sliding parts of the machine are in good condition.

In addition to the basic requirements of the above four aspects, the use of slitting machine should also improve the safety awareness and technical degree of the operator, and regularly carry out comprehensive overhaul and maintenance of the machine to improve production efficiency.