What factors will affect the capacity of the slitting machine

24. October, 2023delish0

The frequency of use of slitting machine is very high, it can cut wide paper or film into a unified plan of paper or film, some paper machines or printing machines will use slitting machine. So do you know what are the main factors that determine the capacity of the slitting machine?

What factors will affect the capacity of the slitting machine

1. Tension control of unwinding: During the rewinding of a set of paper rolls, the rewinding tension should be avoided as much as possible to ensure that the rolling tightness of the slitting rewinder is uniform inside and outside. Secondly, in the rewinding process, if the tension control of the paper web is too small, resulting in wrinkles, intertwining of pages and other paper defects. If the tension is too controlled, it will cause bursting or damage to the paper core.

2. Line pressure of the paper roller: the paper roller pressurizes the paper roll during the rewinding process, and in the initial stage of rewinding, the paper roller provides additional load for the paper roll, and the front and rear bottom rollers act together to provide a rewinding force for the paper roll.

3. The speed difference between the front and rear support rolls: the speed difference of the support rollers forms a rewinding force, and the size of the rewinding force determines the size of the paper roll tightness, and improving the rewinding force of the slitting rewinder can increase the tightness of the paper roll Starting from these aspects.

When deciding the capacity of the slitting machine, everyone should pay more attention to the above factors, and at the same time, before the slitting machine is ready for operation, all personnel must maintain a certain safety distance from the machine to ensure personal safety before starting the operation.