What causes the occurrence of the slitter shaft running situation

27. October, 2023delish0

Slitting machine is a very important equipment, we often appear slitting machine shaft running situation, so what are the general reasons for the occurrence of slitting machine shaft running?

What causes the occurrence of the slitter shaft running situation

The slitter divides the film into inner and outer sides for winding, and the winding station on the inner and outer sides is mounted on the beam controlled by the hydraulic cylinder. Under the control of the hydraulic cylinder, the beam rotates back and forth within a certain angle range through the piston and connecting rod telescopic movement of the hydraulic cylinder, so as to achieve the pressure required to ensure normal winding and the purpose of loading and unloading the roll, and its automatic control process and faults are analyzed.

The working process of the slitting machine often appears that the inner and outer beams move in the direction of unwinding at the same time, so that the product in the winding moves with the unwinding direction, and finally leads to the separation of the winding pressure roller and the product, and the winding pressure is lost, resulting in the film after slitting in the outer layer of the product to run off and break the film, which cannot be produced, sometimes when the slitter is just turned on, sometimes after the slitting is rewinded to a certain length.

When we all operate and use the slitting machine, we all need to operate and use this slitting machine in the correct way, and in the case of the slitting machine running shaft, it is generally caused by the above reasons.