A brief description of the price of the slitting machine

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A brief description of the price of the slitting machine

The price of slitting machine is an important factor affecting the procurement decision of film making enterprises. There are many slitting machine manufacturers on the market, even if the possibility of false reporting of the integrity of the manufacturer is not considered, the function, structure, material, process, technical content, brand premium and other aspects of the equipment itself will have a great impact on the price of the whole machine. below

According to the different types of slitting machine structures, you can refer to the previous article "Introduction to Common Slitting Machine Structure Forms" to briefly introduce the problems that need to be paid attention to in the quotation.

Small and medium-sized shaft slitting machine price

The shaft slitting machine is generally used for the second or third slitting of materials, used to cut coils with a small width (generally no more than 2 meters) and light weight, and can also cut finished rolls of different widths according to needs, and all of them are rewound on one shaft. There are many manufacturers of such slitting machines, domestic slitting machines have gradually replaced foreign slitting machines to become the mainstream of the market, many manufacturers in order to quickly seize the market to take the route of small profits and scale, fierce competition leads to relatively transparent prices.

Nevertheless, usually after the customer inquires, they will find that the quotations of various slitting machine manufacturers are very different, and the market price ranges from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to different functional configurations. However, customers only need to have a basic understanding of the basic configuration and main parameters of slitting equipment before purchasing, and shop around to easily select cost-effective models.

Large wide gantry slitting machine price

This type of slitting machine is generally used for primary/secondary slitting of the original film or main line, with a width of more than 2 meters and an independent station for winding. In a slitting, especially the gantry slitting machine with a width of more than 10 meters, foreign brands still dominate. However, the price of imported equipment is expensive and the supply period is very long, so that many film manufacturers are willing to choose domestic slitting machines as substitutes, and the quotation is generally more than 500,000 according to different configuration parameters.

Due to the complex structure of this type of slitting machine, the slitting machine manufacturer is required to have strong mechanical design and manufacturing and electrical design capabilities. The purchaser also needs to have full-time technical personnel to communicate carefully and fully with the manufacturer, and repeatedly demonstrate the material process. After the technical scheme is finalized, reasonable bargaining, due to the complexity of the equipment and the high cost, the quotation plan is difficult to cover all aspects of the details, blind price reduction is likely to make the manufacturer give up the existing mature scheme to reduce the configuration, resulting in the performance of the slitting machine declines, the slitting process problems continue, and the gains outweigh the losses.

Non-standard custom slitting machine price

With the higher and higher requirements for film materials, the industry segmentation of slitting machines is becoming more and more obvious, and the non-standard slitting machines with a high degree of automation have a broader market. For example, manufacturers of wide-format slitting machines, such as Delish Machinery, can customize online slitting equipment for customers according to actual working conditions, and connect with the existing film production line to greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In addition, the intelligent packaging conveyor line that can be connected to the high-speed slitting machine is designed and customized to complete the unloading, conveying, labeling, sorting, packaging and other processes of the finished film roll, reducing labor, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Due to the lack of reference in the market, the price of such non-standard slitting machine as the purchaser is difficult to grasp, do not be led by the slitting machine manufacturer when negotiating, you need to combine your own understanding of material performance, with the help of manufacturers, fully understand the various configurations, parameters and functions of non-standard equipment solutions, on this basis, to evaluate whether the quotation is reasonable, judge the bargaining space, and strive to obtain the best slitting machine price.