How to choose a slitting machine manufacturer

09. November, 2023delish0

How to choose a slitting machine manufacturer

With the rapid development of the flexible packaging industry, the market demand for post-press slitting equipment is increasing. How to choose the right slitting machine manufacturer has become a topic of concern to everyone, and the following is a small series to share some experiences with you.

Basic investigation of slitting machine manufacturers

First of all, through the network or contacts, understand the background qualification and service reputation of the slitting machine manufacturer, and whether the business condition is good. Then, through further field investigations, we can understand the basic conditions of the production scale and personnel of the slitting machine manufacturers. Next, understand whether the manufacturer's product positioning and their own needs fit, whether the main model is a large gantry slitting machine or a small and medium-sized shaft slitting machine, the slitting object is paper, film or composite materials, etc., try to choose a professional slitting machine manufacturer. In addition, each slitting machine manufacturer including Delish Machinery will have its own mature supplier channels, low-end slitting machine manufacturers will generally choose domestic components to reduce the overall cost, different accessories selection will lead to the final price difference is very different, which requires procurement personnel to be able to configure the list of targeted requirements, the core components must choose high-quality brand products, do not because of greed for cheap and because of small losses.

The degree of specialization of the slitting machine manufacturer

The specialization here includes the specialization of products and services, especially the specific type and material of slitting materials, whether the slitting machine manufacturer has similar successful cases, and whether it can customize personalized slitting equipment according to needs. In addition to ensuring the accuracy of hardware processing, the control system, equipment structure and slitting materials should also be organically combined, and the successful experience and data of different materials should be integrated into the design and manufacturing. Only by doing this, can the manufacturer provide a professional solution.

Specialization of services. It mainly examines whether the pre-sales sales staff is familiar with the slitting machine products, whether the characteristics and advantages of the slitting machine can be clearly expressed, whether they understand the characteristics of the materials that need to be slitted, and whether they can respond and follow up in time about the problems that may arise in the material slitting process and the improvement requirements put forward. After-sales service mainly depends on whether the factory after-sales system is perfect, how the slitting machine has been sold in the industry, if there are a lot of returns, and there are a number of long-term cooperation customers, you can prove from the side that the equipment quality and after-sales service of the slitting machine manufacturer is very good.

Slitting machine manufacturers provide trial cutting services

A slitting machine can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions, and a larger capital investment in the early stage means greater procurement risks. Moreover, many problems will only emerge in the actual operation process, and it is very common for technical communication to be very good, but it is very common to find that it is not suitable for use after buying it back. Therefore, it is great that the slitting machine manufacturer can provide trial cutting services, carry the material on-site test cutting, you can intuitively feel whether your material can achieve the expected slitting effect, whether the material is stable, whether the system operation is simple, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the material is solid, and whether the maintenance is convenient. In the process of use, find out the places that need to be adjusted in time and make improvements. The manufacturer's technical staff can also further understand your material properties through trial cutting, put forward reasonable opinions, and customize the slitting plan.

Whether it is consignment test cutting or on-site test cutting with materials, Delish Machinery can provide you with sample slitting services for all kinds of BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, composite film, color printing film and other materials, which is the best choice for you to choose slitting machine manufacturers.