Purchase of twin-shaft film slitting machine

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Purchase of twin-shaft film slitting machine

In printing and packaging, paper labeling and other industries, the twin-shaft film slitting machine is the last slitting process, and the slitting products will be directly used in the final application of the product. The slitting machine plays a key role in ensuring the quality of slitting products. How to choose a twin-shaft film slitting machine correctly, the main attention is the following:

Clarify the main purpose of purchasing a double-shaft slitting machine

The purchased slitting machine is used for slitting large quantities of products of the same specification, or is it often used for slitting products of different specifications and different product thicknesses and scattered small batches. The technical requirements for the slitting machine will be different depending on the purpose of use.

Check the functions required for the twin-shaft film slitting machine

For slitting, one more function is added to the cost of one more hardware, and these increased functional costs will eventually be directly reflected in the price of the slitting machine. For features that are not used or are rarely used, you can consider whether they are needed when purchasing.

The main components of the film slitting machine

The main electrical components and gas circuit components used in the slitting machine should consider international brands or domestic joint venture brands, which can make the equipment use stable and reduce the occurrence of failure rate.

Maneuverability of the twin-shaft slitter

Because the level of the slitting operator is uneven, different levels of operators, the slitting products will be different, which requires the slitting machine manufacturers, such as Delishi Machinery in the design of the hardware and software of the slitting machine, fully consider the slitting machine control is simple and easy to learn, the parameter setting is simple and clear, and the requirements for the operator are low.

The equipment vibrates when the film slitting machine is working

Under the high-speed operation of the slitting machine, the vibration of the equipment can also reflect the processing accuracy and assembly process level of some equipment.

The cost performance of the twin shaft slitting machine

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of film slitting machines, and the price quotation of each product is not the same for slitting machines with the same function. There are many factors that affect the price of the twin-shaft slitting machine, such as brand premium, factory production scale, labor cost, market price competition and other factors. Due to the different industries of the slitting machine, the slitting process requirements are different, in addition to the above main points of attention, it is necessary to choose the twin-shaft film slitting machine in combination with the actual situation.