Features and introduction of aluminum foil slitting machine and how to cut aluminum foil

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Features and introduction of aluminum foil slitting machine and how to cut aluminum foil

Aluminum foil needs to be slitted on the slitting machine after printing, the large roll of semi-finished products are cut into the required specifications and sizes, and the semi-finished products that are slitted on the slitting machine are a process of unwinding and rewinding, which includes two parts: speed control and tension control of the machine.

The so-called tension is to pull the aluminum foil and roll it to the core according to the standard, and a certain stretching and tensioning traction force must be applied to the aluminum foil, where the tension aluminum foil control force is tension. Tension control refers to the ability to well control the tension of aluminum foil when it is conveyed on the equipment, and this control must be effective for any running speed of the machine, including acceleration, deceleration and constant speed of the machine. Even in the event of an emergency shutdown, it has the ability to guarantee that the aluminum foil does not break in the slightest. The tension control of the slitting machine is basically manual tension control and automatic tension control. Manual tension control means that in the process of winding or unwinding, when the winding diameter changes to a certain stage, the operator adjusts the manual power supply device, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the tension.

Automatic tension control is to directly measure the actual tension value of the strip by the tension sensor, and then convert the tension data into a tension signal and feed back to the tension controller, through this signal and the tension value preset by the controller, the control signal is calculated, and the execution unit is automatically controlled, so that the actual tension value is equal to the preset tension value, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the tension. The size of the equipment winding and unwinding tension setting directly affects the yield of the product, the tension is too large, the winding is too tight, the aluminum foil is easy to produce wrinkles I tension is insufficient, the aluminum foil is easy to produce a serious dislocation on the shaft on the roll, so that it can not be unloaded, and causes a large swing of the unwinding shaft during slitting, which affects the quality of slitting, so the slitting machine must have a good tension detection system.

Features of aluminum foil slitting machine:

1. The equipment adopts German Siemens programmable controller (PLC) and Siemens inverter, and forms a topological network through Profinet fieldbus to enhance the stability and reliability of the system. Human-computer interaction is carried out through the 15-inch high-definition true color touch screen (HMI), the operation interface is simple and the control is convenient.

2. The equipment is equipped with a set of winding mechanism, and a set of servo motors are used to provide power. The winding tension is automatically adjusted according to the set taper according to the change of the winding diameter. The winding has the function of automatic compensation of acceleration, deceleration and friction, and automatically compensates the tension during the winding process, so that the winding tension is stable and uniform. Equipped with a tension change trend chart, you can view the trend of tension change at different tapers, which is convenient to analyze the rationality of taper and tension settings. The speed of the motor is automatically adjusted with the increase of the winding diameter, and the speed of each axis of the equipment is synchronized. It can be rewound at the same time with different diameters.

3. The unwinding tension has the function of automatic compensation, including acceleration and deceleration compensation, inertia compensation and friction compensation, so that the unwinding tension is stable.

4. The operation does not need to input the material thickness, and the diameter of winding and unwinding is automatically calculated, and the accuracy is ≤±1mm.

5. The equipment has a variety of automatic shutdown functions, which will automatically slow down and stop when the rewinding and unwinding diameter and meters reach the set shutdown diameter and meters; Automatic shutdown when unwinding and material breaking; The automatic shutdown has an emergency signal to start.

6. The system has a formula function, which can save multiple groups of production parameters of materials of different specifications, and call them directly when used, which is convenient for the setting of production parameters of materials of the same specifications, without the need to set parameters one by one, improve high efficiency and management.

7. The system can carry out multi-user login, set the corresponding login authority, and different login personnel have different permissions, which is convenient for the use and management of the equipment.

8. The system has the functions of memory, storage and extraction, which can be used for the storage of finished product parameters and facilitate the data management of finished product parameters.

9. The system has information management and feedback functions, which can browse the historical start emergency signal information, which is convenient for equipment troubleshooting. Equipment maintenance can be prompted according to the use time, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and management.

10. The system adopts high-reliability electrical components, simple circuits, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, and easy operation.