Application of BOPP tape slitting machine

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Application of BOPP tape slitting machine

BOPP sealing tape is biaxially oriented polypropylene film after high-voltage corona treatment, and then coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the rough surface and made, with strong tensile strength, light weight, low cost and other characteristics, can also be customized according to user needs to produce different colors, graphic effects, in all kinds of packaging, bonding, fixing occasions are widely used. In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce express industry, the demand for BOPP tape (sealing tape) in the packaging industry has been increasing. As a professional tape production equipment, BOPP tape slitting machine is used to slitting wide tape into small rolls of finished tape with different specifications, which greatly improves the output efficiency of the tape and improves the quality of the tape, which meets the market demand for high-quality BOPP sealing tape.

Types of BOPP Tape Slitting Machine

The small twin-shaft tape slitting machine is generally used for the BOPP tape mother roll with a slitting width and diameter of less than 500mm, which is rewound by two 3-inch differential shafts at the same time, and the slitting mechanism adopts a sheet knife to suspend the slitting. Tension control is carried out by PLC calculation to keep the winding tension constant. The slitting width can be adjusted by setting the size of the gasket as needed. It has the advantages of small size, easy operation and low cost, and is suitable for small batch tape slitting applications.

Double-axis or four-axis BOPP tape slitting machine is generally used for slitting BOPP tape with a width of more than one meter, the touch screen is simple and intuitive to operate, and the PLC system is used for centralized control, with metering, fixed length, deviation correction and tension adjustment functions. The four-axis slitting machine can also realize automatic roll change and continuous winding to improve slitting efficiency. This kind of transparent tape slitting machine can be equipped with sound insulation cover, feeding mechanism, automatic labeling device, etc. according to the needs, and generally needs to be used with the paper tube threading machine, paper tube cutting machine and small rewinding machine in actual work.

The automatic BOPP tape slitting machine fully realizes the full automation of all links including pipe threading, feeding, fixing length, shaft changing, labeling, cutting, film splicing, unloading, and manipulator handling. The operator only needs to input the corresponding parameters according to the material properties, and the high-efficiency and high-quality slitting process can be completed with one click. In addition to loading the masterbatch and collecting the waste edges regularly, no other operations are required, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. In addition, the process stability of the entire production process is guaranteed, and the consistency of the product will not be affected by the operator's proficiency, which is suitable for high-volume, high-precision transparent tape slitting applications.

The development of the application of BOPP sealing tape slitting machine

The output of the sealing tape slitting machine is closely related to the demand for BOPP tape, China's East China and South China are developing rapidly, and they are also the areas with the most tape production and use, and the potential of the consumer market in other regions will be further tapped over time. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, BOPP transparent tape has also begun to gradually move towards functionalization and high-end. The slitting equipment has experienced the development process from low speed to high speed, from narrow to wide width, from manual rewinding and unwinding to full automation, and from low-precision control to high-precision control. Especially for the sealing pressure-sensitive tape, the tension of the winding must be moderate, neither loose nor tight, too loose will cause wrinkles and unevenness, too tight will lead to stretch deformation and even damage, to ensure that it is easy to tear the tape roll. After more than 40 years of transformation, accumulation and continuous innovation, the added value and competitiveness of the equipment continue to improve, the domestic transparent tape slitting machine manufacturers have been quite mature in management, production, technology, inspection and all aspects, and can basically replace the imported BOPP tape slitting machine.