Analyze the reasons for the skipping edge of the slitter

06. December, 2023delish0

Analyze the reasons for the skipping edge of the slitter

The slitting machine has stretching, the tension of the rewinding and unwinding is not well controlled, and the rewinding is as constant as possible with automatic tension. If the slitter has a skipping edge, it may be that no maintenance work has been carried out.

In order to ensure that the slitting machine is always in good technical condition, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce the downtime day, improve the mechanical integrity rate and utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the machinery, and reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance To ensure safe production, the maintenance of mechanical equipment must be strengthened.

The maintenance of the slitting machine must implement the principle of "paying equal attention to maintenance and prevention", so that regular maintenance and compulsory maintenance are carried out, and the relationship between use, maintenance and repair is correctly handled.

The maintenance of the slitting machine should ensure the quality, according to the specified items and requirements one by one, and shall not be omitted or not guaranteed. Maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in maintenance should be recorded and reported to the department.

Each team must do a good job in the maintenance of all kinds of machinery according to the mechanical maintenance procedures and maintenance categories, and shall not be unreasonably delayed. If the above points are done, the probability of the slitting machine jumping edge will be reduced a lot.