Flexible use of high-speed slitting machine

07. December, 2023|delish|0Views

Flexible use of high-speed slitting machine

Nowadays, many people can't flexibly use the high-speed slitting machine when operating the high-speed slitting machine, resulting in low working efficiency or can't work normally of the high-speed slitting machine, so how to use the high-speed slitting machine? Can the slitter be used flexibly?

1. Before using the slitting machine, first of all, all potential safety hazards on the job site should be eliminated, and attention should be paid to check whether the data of the slitting machine is normal, check whether the voltage is normal, and whether the current is normal and stable.

2. Turn on the power switch of the hydraulic system of the slitting machine, and check whether the oil level and pressure gauge of the main hydraulic drive system are correct and stable. Open the pneumatic shut-off valve of the slitting machine again to check whether the air pressure is correct and stable.

3. The setting control of the slitting machine and the paper tube machine, and the slitting menu is set according to the type, thickness, length, and width of the film organized by the single machine of the slitting scheme. Recall the corresponding BOPP film file from the PDF. Set the winding length and width of the corresponding standard film. Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the roller arm and roller, and install the corresponding standard paper core.

4. Feed into the slitting machine and paper tube machine and thread the film. After all, it is the start-up operation and use control of the slitter.