The working principle of the main components of the paper slitter

23. December, 2023delish0

The working principle of the main components of the paper slitter

1. Frame and transmission system: The frame is composed of left and right wall panels, supports and discharging machinery. The transmission system is mainly used to pull raw materials and rewind finished products, it is driven by the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation motor to make the traction rubber roller run through the motor V-belt, the main traction rubber roller and the driven traction rubber roller are closely attached and synchronized to run to pull the raw materials to walk, the lower circular knife shaft is driven by the active traction roller to synchronize the operation and achieve better slitting requirements, and the rewinding A and rewinding B are driven to run synchronously through the lower circular knife shaft, so as to achieve the purpose of receiving.

2. Receiving mechanism and its tension device: The receiving mechanism is mainly composed of chains, synchronous wheels, magnetic powder clutches, and inflatable shafts and other parts. The two reeling shafts are controlled by a separate motor, and the tension of the reeling shaft can be changed by adjusting the current of the magnetic particle clutch.

3. Traction components: The traction components are mainly composed of a pair of traction rubber rollers and several hard oxidized aluminum rollers, which play a role in collecting raw materials for winding up finished products. Its power comes from the motor transmitted to the active traction roller through the V-belt to make it run.

4. Slitting knife holder: The slitting knife holder has round knife slitting and straight knife slitting. The operating handle can make the round knife move slightly in the axial direction through the plane cam, and adjust the shear gap between the cutting edge of the round knife and the groove of the cushion sleeve.

5. Waste rewinding and discharge: Waste is discharged through the air duct using the wind power of the blower.

6. Discharging mechanism and automatic deviation correction: The discharging mechanism mainly includes a discharging shaft, a support block, a cylinder, a base, a left and right moving seat, etc., which is composed of an automatic deviation correction device: a photoelectric opening, a deviation correction guide roller, a left and right support, a deviation correction moving plate, a ball nut and a screw rod, a synchronous motor and a left and right limit switch.