Introduction to the operation process of the tape slitting machine

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Introduction to the operation process of the tape slitting machine

The belt slitting machine is composed of an unwinding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, various functional rollers, tension control, deviation correction control and detection devices; Its working principle is as follows: the raw materials of the metallized film released from the unwinding mechanism are flattened by the roller, the tension detection roller, the enabling roller, and the deviation correction system into the cutting mechanism, and the raw materials are rewound into film rolls that meet the standards by the winding mechanism after slitting.

1. Feeding: According to the requirements of the slitting plan, in accordance with the driving operation procedures, according to the actual situation, the corresponding mother roll is hoisted on the aging frame, placed on the unwinding frame of the slitting machine according to the internal and external selection direction of the corona surface, and the steel core is clamped with the control button, leaving the steel core support arm and driving.

2. Film penetration: When there is no film on the film slitting machine, the film must be crossed; Using the slitting machine film piercing device and function key, one end of the original film is tied to the film threading chain eye, and the film threading button is activated, so that the film is smoothly distributed on each roller along the slitting process.

3. Film splicing: When there is a film on the slitting machine, when the roll joint is changed, the vacuum film splicing table is used to start the film splicing table to the working position, and the film on the traction roller of the slitting machine is manually flattened and the upper vacuum pump is started to suck the film, so that the film is smoothly adsorbed on the film splicing table, and the double-sided tape is pasted to cut off the excess film under the tape, the film on the unwinding rack is flattened and the lower vacuum pump is started to make the film flat adsorption, the paper layer on the tape is taken down and the adhesive film is flattened, the joint should be neat and wrinkle-free, and then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pumps, and the film splicing table is opened to the non-working position.

4. Blanking: refers to the operation process of removing a certain shape, quantity or quality of materials from the whole or the whole batch of materials after determining the shape, quantity or quality of the film shape required for the production or the shape, quantity or quality of the materials required for the production of the product.

The upper and lower double air expansion shafts are rewound in the same direction and center, and the clamping of rewinding and unwinding and the action of the knife shaft and pressure roller are fully pneumatically controlled, and the operation is simple and fast. Single-motor variable frequency drive, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise; Tension control magnetic powder clutch winding, magnetic powder brake unwinding, tension control high precision, fast response, wide adjustable range; Unwinding adopts advanced analog photoelectric automatic deviation correction system, with static elimination device, edge blowing device, and automatic meter counting for winding. Each function can be configured according to customer requirements.