What are the precautions when the rewinder is down?

29. December, 2023|delish|0Views

What are the precautions when the rewinder is down?

For the rewinder, after the processing is completed, it is very important to reasonably stop the work, so what should the rewinder pay attention to when it is stopped? Let's talk to the rewinder manufacturers to find out.

1. Before shutting down, confirm that all finished products are processed to prevent semi-finished products from rolling inside.

2. You can't turn on the machine immediately after the rewinding is turned off, and you have to wait for more than half an hour to turn it on again.

3. When shutting down, you should idle for a few minutes before shutting down, especially in summer. Since the rewinder is in continuous operation, the temperature of the machine itself is very high, and idling for a few minutes can effectively dissipate heat and reduce damage to the toilet paper rewinder.

Therefore, when the rewinder is stopped, it needs to be carried out in the correct way to ensure the good performance of the rewinder.