Causes of insufficient pressure in the slitter

30. December, 2023|delish|0Views

Causes of insufficient pressure in the slitter

In the process of using the slitting machine, there is a lack of pressure, and it is very important to adjust it in time, so what are the reasons for the insufficient pressure of the slitting machine?

1. Whether there is leakage in the oil cylinder; The oil cylinder is one of the more important pressure actuators, and a good way to judge whether the oil cylinder has leakage is; Let the machine stand still and see if the workbench is slowly sliding.

2. Oil pump; The oil pump is the source of pressure for the whole machine, if the oil pump is damaged, leaking, leaking, etc., it will cause the oil pump to output insufficient rated pressure.

3. There should be pressure to ensure that there is no pressure leakage in the system, that is, there is no damage or oil leakage in the pipeline, hydraulic valve, joint and other components.

Therefore, remember that in the process of use, if there is a lack of pressure, it should be solved in time to ensure its good performance.