What is the difference between the old and new PVC slitting machines in terms of characteristics

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What is the difference between the old and new PVC slitting machines in terms of characteristics

It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, for fine-tuning, low-power speed regulation system for high-speed sections. It is also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension remains constant during the winding process.

The main feature of the slitting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch is controlled as a resistance device system to output a DC voltage to control the resistance generated by the magnetic powder clutch, the main advantage is that it is a passive device, and the tension can be controlled small.

Disadvantages: the speed is not high, and it is easy to cause high-speed friction of the magnetic particle during high-speed operation, and high temperature will cause the magnetic particle clutch to heat up and shorten its life.

With the web tool having a certain width, to cut the profile longitudinally, cut into several narrower rolls using a narrower reel device. It is installed in a calender or extruder, glue and other battery units after completion by continuous cutting, usually with a winding device. Flat-cut edge knives and round-edged knives are available.

What are the characteristics of PVC slitting machine?

1. PVC slitting machine belongs to vertical slitting machine;

2. The PVC slitting machine adopts an independent microcomputer control screen, which is easy to operate;

3. Magnetic particle control of rewinding and unwinding tension;

4. Automatic metering of material feeding, automatic deviation correction of unwinding photoelectric equipment;

5. It is equipped with an air conveying or winding device for side waste;

6. Double inflatable shaft winding, slitting end face flat.