Analysis of common faults and causes of high-speed slitting machine

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Analysis of common faults and causes of high-speed slitting machine

High-speed slitting machine mainly with the advantage of high speed to win a relatively large market, a lot of high-efficiency slitting machines are used for paper slitting processing factories, not only high efficiency but also automation saves a lot of manpower, but long-term use is also a more common problem, this is also all machinery will have, long-term work machinery will appear wear and failure, so professional personnel are needed to maintain, let's talk about the analysis of common faults and causes of high-speed slitting machine.

1. Tendons

This quality problem is due to the accumulation of film thickness tolerances and the formation of obvious protrusions on the surface of the film roll.

2. Longitudinal stripes

It is mainly manifested as the formation of circumferential rib-like stripes on the surface of the finger membrane roll. In the process of slitting and winding of the high-speed slitting machine, a large amount of air is trapped and the accumulated thickness tolerance is the main reason for the longitudinal fringes, which are difficult to eliminate once the streaks are more serious.

3. The length is not enough, and the width is too large

This quality problem is caused by an incorrect rewind count or insufficient length of the film being slit, as well as incorrect positioning of the machine.

4. Staggered

Refers to the phenomenon that part of the film is wrong on the end surface of the film roll, which is mainly caused by the film sliding or changing the width of the film during the winding process.

5. Warping

This quality problem occurs at the edge of the film winding, and the edge of the thicker film is curled by the winding superposition.