Characteristic description of the high-speed slitting machine

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Characteristic description of the high-speed slitting machine

With the development of science and technology, the advantages of high-speed slitting machine are slowly displayed, high-speed slitting machine is a high-speed mode of paper splitting, when operating, it can run at high speed, and the speed can reach about 500 meters per minute. Let's talk about the characteristics of the high-speed slitting machine.

With the presence of high-speed slitting machine, the cutting of paper pieces is faster and saves a lot of valuable time. In addition, its operation is very simple, and it can work directly on the main page of the operating system. In the process of production, it can automatically adjust the size of the spacing, and freely convert the speed of the frequency back and forth, which is very practical.

There is an important machine equipment in the high-speed slitting machine, which is the strip cutting machine. The main function of the strip cutting machine is to control the output of the DC voltage in the resistance equipment system of the clutch, so as to achieve a functional device to control the resistance device, which has a certain tension, and the strip cutting machine can be used to control its size.

The high-speed slitting machine is operated by the structure of the drum knife, after certain improvements, the friction of the fuselage can be reduced, and the material made of cast steel is formed at one time, it is precisely because it is made of high-quality materials, so the processed products have a certain stability, even if it is a thin piece of paper, it can also achieve a high efficiency of 500 sheets per minute under its operation. It is also a necessary artifact for paper mills, printing factories and other factories.