Analysis and description of the basic situation of the film slitting machine

18. January, 2024delish0

Analysis and description of the basic situation of the film slitting machine

Film slitting machine for a lot of packaging industry is still relatively large, film slitting machine is mainly for the slitting of film, the types of film are also more generally used for packaging, mainly polyester film, aluminized film, BOPP LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films, how much do you know about some basic knowledge of film slitting machine? Let's talk about the basic situation of the film slitting machine, how much do you know?

1. The unwinding tension control system adopts constant tension unwinding to ensure that the raw materials are not deformed and wrinkled during the slitting process;

2. The winding tension control system adopts constant torque winding, so that the tightness of the finished product coil is appropriate, and the end face of the film coil is neat;

3. The deviation correction control system corrects the deviation caused by various factors in the raw material or transmission process, so that the knife edge is always kept in the center of the metallized film isolation belt during the slitting process to ensure the realization of edge retention accuracy;

4. The power supply outputs an adjustable DC voltage of 0~900V, which is applied to both sides of the metallized film by the enabling roller, and removes various conductive and semi-conductive impurities existing in the film medium during the film material transmission process, which can effectively improve the quality of the capacitor;

5. The film slitting machine is composed of an unwinding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, various functional rollers, and a tension control and correction control and detection device. Its working principle is as follows: the raw materials of the metallized film released from the unwinding mechanism are flattened by the roller, the tension detection roller, the enabling roller, and the deviation correction system into the cutting mechanism, and the raw materials are rewound into film rolls that meet the standards by the winding mechanism after slitting.

6. The PLC completes the operation, controls the actions of each part, and realizes the self-diagnosis function of the system;