The difference between a slitting machine and a film slitting machine

19. January, 2024delish0

The difference between a slitting machine and a film slitting machine

First of all, we briefly introduce the slitting machine, which is a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil and other thin materials into different widths, different inner diameters, small rolls of pre-press and post-press equipment, slitting machine is usually used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery and other industries. It can be divided into: kraft paper slitting machine, white cardboard slitting machine, film slitting machine, thermal paper slitting machine, paper slitting machine, etc. According to the introduction, it can be concluded that the film slitting machine is a kind of slitting machine.

Let's analyze their advantages to see where they are roughly different:

Advantages of slitting machine:

1. It runs smoothly, is very firm when the paper is rewound, the ends are smooth, and the noise is low.

2. It is easy to operate, and the two ends of the paper tape after the slitting is completed are smooth and flat, without burrs.

3. It has strong adaptability, and its width can be adjusted arbitrarily between 2-2000 mm between the upper and lower knives.

4. The output is very high, and the output of one slitting machine can meet the use of 3 pipe winding machines.

Advantages of film slitting machine:

1. The film slitting machine adopts a kind called a stepper machine to control the long cut. Optoelectronic tracking was not used to correct the system.

2. It chooses a name called discharging system, which adopts automatic photoelectric deviation correction device. The film slitting machine is equipped with hemming and ultrasonic ironing. The slicing function integrates light and electricity, and is easy to operate, with high cutting precision, strong mechanical stability, low voice and other advantages, which is an ideal equipment for non-woven fabric cutting and processing.

3. The film slitting machine has the functions of frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, quotation stopping, tension control and so on. So it is a machine for products according to the slitting machine to meet different products.

4. The basin-shaped cutter is used for cutting, and the product is neat and has no edges and corners.

What is a film slitting machine for?

A film slitting machine is a machine that cuts according to a fixed template. There are many types of film slitting machines: automatic die-cutting machines, automatic die-cutting machines, circular die-cutting machines, self-adhesive die-cutting machines, flat-pressed die-cutting machines, hot stamping die-cutting machines, manual die-cutting machines, circular die-cutting machines, printing die-cutting machines, etc., film slitting machines are widely used in shoemaking, leather goods, luggage, toys, clothing, hats, blisters, packaging, wood, automotive decoration and other industries.