Instructions for the start-up operation steps of the slitter

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Instructions for the start-up operation steps of the slitter

The slitting machine is still more efficient for the slitting of paper, many paper or textile processing plants are using the slitting machine to process, mainly because it is also easier to control, compared with ordinary labor, both accuracy and efficiency have been improved by a grade, let's talk about the steps of the slitting machine to start running?

1. Static electricity will make the control system production slitting machine failure or even damage, before starting, please turn on the static eliminator. (Make sure the main power switch is turned on)

2. Adjust the air supply pressure to (0.5-0.6) Mpa

3. Transporting the mother roll to the unwinding part, choose to use 3 or 6 cones, according to the diameter of the mother roller, press the rise or fall to adjust the unwinding rack to the appropriate height, and visually measure the width of the parent coil combined with the stroke of the cone top cylinder to move the unwinding rack to the appropriate width, and rotate the cone top clutch knob to clamp the film roll.

4. Press the up or down button again to adjust to the appropriate height.

5. According to the rough expectation of the position of the film and the hand-pulled reel, use the photoelectric switch to position.

6. Move to the appropriate electric eye position and tighten the handwheel. (adjust to a position where edge or line detection can be performed) and press Auto Guide. (Fine-tuning of the photoelectric eye is possible)

7. Use the large arm on the unloading operation box to release the rewinding reel bracket and receive the release reel. Wrap the reel on the paper core of the quantity and size used. Use the boom lock on the discharge box to close the reel bracket and the Scroll Lock key to close the auxiliary contact rollers. (Choose the appropriate auxiliary contact roller according to the different slitting width.)

8. Install the blade, select the slitting method, adjust the position of the cutter, use the infrared to the center positioning system, correct the position of the paper core, and the adhesive film in the slitting of the core.