Some details in the operation of the slitter

29. January, 2024|delish|0Views

Some details in the operation of the slitter

The slitting machine is mainly for the slitting of paper and film, it is also through the slitting to effectively improve the work efficiency, but there will be a lot of details to know when running and controlling, let's talk about the operation details of the slitting machine.

1. Before the machine is ready to run, all personnel must keep a certain safety distance from the machine to ensure personal safety before starting and running.

2. Do not scratch with a knife or hard object, and cut the core of each roller.

3. When the slitting machine is running, do not touch the running film roll and roller core with your hands, so as not to roll your hands in, and do not touch the blade to avoid cuts.

4. In case of emergency during operation, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately, and then the abnormality should be handled.