What are the factors considered in the design of the slitter

02. February, 2024|delish|0Views

What are the factors considered in the design of the slitter

The slitting effect of the slitting machine for paper is very good, but there are still many types of slitting machines, and different types are used in different situations, so there are many points to consider when designing the slitting machine.

1. The elements of the product modeling design of the slitting machine: the morphological elements and characteristics, in line with the aesthetic rules of the product modeling, from the three-dimensional composition of the form, unity and change, comparison and harmony, balance and symmetry, stability and lightness, proportion and scale, etc.

2. Confirm the specific design requirements and parameters, and list the technical requirements that need to be clarified as follows: voltage, power, machine size, speed, range, etc. of the slitting machine. Clarify and specify specific detailed data according to the above requirements. For example, what is the commonly used voltage and what is the power, these are all things that need to be clarified.

3. After the above specific functions and parameters are clear, it is to begin to enter the next step: slitting machine experiment, functional test, functional adjustment, whether the specific test design requirements and parameters are really feasible, appropriate adjustment and improvement, and perfect equipment so as to be humanized in use.

4. After confirming its function, testing the function, adjusting the function and perfecting the plan, it is the appearance design.