What are the functions of the slitting machine

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What are the functions of the slitting machine

The slitting machine is mainly achieved through work, its work efficiency is also very high, its function is also very rich, we also try to ensure that its operation is correct in use, the function should be as perfect as possible, let's talk about the function of the slitting machine.

The slitting machine is mainly composed of cutting blades, frames, working cylinders, bases, auxiliary workbenches and hydraulic systems, electrical systems, etc., and the base under the cutting blades is equipped with a nylon backing plate to protect the cutting blade blade. The frame is equipped with two limit switches to control the direction of movement of the reversing valve to change the direction of movement of the cutter, which can also protect the piston cylinder head.

Slitting machinery has high function, suitable for all kinds of plates, coils cut into strips or strips of slitting machine production work, slitting machine is any need for slitting work of the factory necessary machinery and equipment, generally speaking, slitting machine is particularly suitable for conveyor belt, rubber slitting machine and rubber work. The water machine is the preferred equipment for the work of spinning products, and the cutting strip forming of the material replaces the slitting machine at that time, and many spinning products factories widely choose the backward skills of manual cutting, which ensures the shearing accuracy.

The equipment of the slitting machine adopts imported clutch, and the cutting standard is accurate and the blocking is regular. The selection of special steel knives, the use of "human" shape planning knife edge, reduce the resistance of cutting, make it faster and more stable, divided into vertical slitting machine and horizontal slitting machine. The horizontal hydraulic slitting machine is equipped with a star ten-bladed cutter, which can cut the unheated spun fabric into ten wedge-shaped pieces with hydraulic pressure, and send it to the continuous heating chamber for heating through the knife gap for plasticizing. Operational safety, high throughput, and the conditions for automation and continuity of production processes. Fairy saw slitting machine, multi-function slitting machine, plastic slitting machine, sealing ring rubber slitting machine, sealing ring cutting machine, cutting conveyor belt machine equipment.