Introduction to the characteristics of non-woven fabric slitting machine

17. February, 2024|delish|0Views

Introduction to the characteristics of non-woven fabric slitting machine

Non-woven fabric slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that slits wide non-woven fabrics, paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow materials, which is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery.

The characteristics of the non-woven fabric slitting machine are as follows:

1. Automatic counting device, clear at a glance;

2. The whole machine of non-woven fabric slitting machine is made of chrome-plated steel pipe, and each one is dynamically balanced;

3. Adopting the design of rapid discharging, loading and unloading can be completed with only one action, which effectively reduces the amount of labor in production, thereby improving production efficiency.

4. The spindle and round knife use a stepless speed change system, which can be used as a high-low speed and forward and reverse rotation switching control; Electronic speed control system, convenient and simple;

5. The cutter can use an industrial scalpel blade or a flat knife (art blade) adjustable cutter between 18[2]mm-1600mm;

6. The winding adopts 3-inch inflatable reel and magnetic particle tension controller, the slitting operation is simple, and the maximum winding diameter can reach 600mm; The winding is beautiful and neat;

7. Equipped with high-precision deviation correction device system, so as to further ensure the cutting accuracy;

8. Imported ball screw and slide rail are used to advance the cutting width in parallel, and the imported AC motor adjustment system steplessly adjusts and controls the cutting speed, and the accuracy can be controlled within 0 or 1 mm;

9. Equipped with double-sided diamond grinding and grinding system; The knife can be sharpened without disassembly, so that the blade remains sharp for a long time; Achieve the best cutting quality; It also comes with a vacuuming capacity to keep the cloth and track clean;

10. The unwinding adopts 3-inch inflatable unwinding shaft, and the maximum unwinding diameter can reach 600mm

11. The non-woven fabric slitting machine is welded with thick steel plate to make it firm and balanced at an angle, so that the machine is stable in high-speed working condition;