BOPP film slitting technology countermeasures

18. February, 2024delish0

BOPP film slitting technology countermeasures

1. Reasonable principle: application is reasonable, which means that the slitting operators and quality inspectors should reasonably adjust the slitting process according to the impact of too loose and too tight winding on products for different purposes, and reasonably grasp the tightness of the film roll to meet the requirements of film products.

2. The principle of loosening and not tightening: when the influence of objective conditions such as the state of slitting equipment, product specifications, and film performance characteristics leads to the fact that the tightness of the winding cannot be at an appropriate degree, the principle of loosening and not tightening is generally adopted, because the problems caused by the winding too tight often make the film unusable.

3. The principle of primary and secondary: in the process of slitting production, we should follow the principle of small collective obedience to the interests of the large collective, personal interests to serve the interests of the company, avoid reducing the quality of slitting for the purpose of pursuing high individual output, all should be based on product quality, maintain the film brand as the responsibility, effectively complete the production and quality indicators, effectively serve the enterprise and users, and strive to be the best supplier of film.

4. Workshop management principles: refers to the use of systematic and scientific management methods, the practical, theoretical, and experienced accumulation of slitting control methods for compilation, according to different models of products, winding length, seasons and other external variables and slitting tension, pressure and other slitting internal variables of the best combination of table document control management, the formation of slitting process table, to minimize the impact of subjective factors, reduce the impact caused by insufficient personal ability or too much reliance on experience, and must be constantly supplemented, optimized, and improved to the slitting process table. to meet the needs of system management.