Film slitter how to select blade

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Film slitter how to select blade

The film scutcher is composed of a winding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, a functional roller and a tension control and correction control and testing device. It can make polyester film, aluminized film, BOPPLDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films. It can also cut mica tape and PE into different sizes and is widely used in packaging and other laminating industries.

Film slitting machine blade We can roughly be divided into: square slitting blade and round slitting blade 2 kinds.

1. square cutting blade

Square scuttling blade is mainly used for scuttling all kinds of film materials. The more common square slitting blade is the three-hole blade, which is a finer tool designed to reduce the downtime of the slitting machine in operation and high-performance cutting at any time, choose from the high-performance series of pneumatic slitting knives or new non-pneumatic slitting.

2. Round slitting blade

The circular scuttling blade is mainly suitable for scuttling paper, aluminum platinum, thick sheet and other materials. Before the round blade is used, it must be subjected to a professional heat treatment.