Paper slitting machine use environment, installation and use adjustment

29. February, 2024|delish|0Views

Paper slitting machine use environment, installation and use adjustment

The use of paper slitting machine environment directly affects the service life of electrical appliances. So do you know what kind of environment the paper slitter is suitable for working in?

Paper slitters work in the following environment is more suitable:

1. Good indoor ventilation.

2. Ambient temperature -10 ℃+40℃.

3. Try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity is less than 90%RH, no rain drips.

4. Avoid direct sunlight.

5. No flammable, corrosive gases and liquids.

6. The installation base is fixed without vibration.

7. No electromagnetic interference, away from interference sources.

Paper slitting machine installation and use adjustment

After the paper slitting machine is unpacked, the integrity of the machine should be checked to check whether there is damage during transportation, and the correction level can be installed on a smooth and solid foundation after the inspection. After the installation and calibration level, check whether the parts are intact, whether the connecting bolts are tightened reliably, and whether the moving parts are flexible. Then fill the corresponding lubricating oil in each lubricating part. After the check and refueling is completed, the machine can be started. Start at a slow speed, and then slowly increase the cutting speed to reach normal.