What should I do if the color circle appears on the end face of the film roll after slitting and winding

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What should I do if the color circle appears on the end face of the film roll after slitting and winding

What is the color ring of the film slitter

The color ring is due to a certain degree of pollution inside or outside the film, so that the quality of the color ring appears on the end face of the film after cutting and winding. The film surface pollution source comes from two aspects, one is the film making process, raw materials, feeding system, extrusion system, die head flow path and other film production of the first stage of the color ring generally causes pollution to the film inside (core layer), after the film and the cutting process of the color ring is mainly to the film outside (surface) caused by pollution.

Slitting causes the film color ring factors are:

1. The slitting equipment is polluted: due to the dust pollution of the slitting workshop, as well as the electrostatic adsorption of dust generated by the operation of the equipment and the friction with the film during the slitting process, the slitting equipment continues to accumulate more and more dust, and when the accumulation to a certain extent and the failure to clean in time, the slitting film roll will cause pollution and form a color circle. In addition, the aging and hardening of the roller surface debris will also cause the color circle of the film roll to appear.

2, the slitting environment is polluted: the product in the slitting process, due to the influence of some accidental pollution sources, such as the slitting machine top ceiling dust off, diesel forklift exhaust pollution, etc., through the transmission of the air to the slitting products caused pollution and formed a color circle.

In order to effectively reduce the impact of color circles on product quality, the following measures must be taken:

1. Do a good job of cleaning regularly, keep the environmental health of the workshop and the cleanliness of the machine;

2, prohibit often open the purification room door, and keep the good habit of closing the door;

3. It is necessary to remove the contaminated film on the surface of the master roll before the film can be cut, so as to avoid fouling the slitter table of the surface film;

4, the diesel forklift with black smoke is required to stay away from the perimeter of the workshop to prevent oil and smoke pollution.

5, regularly check the static eliminator;