What causes scratches and indentations on the film roll of the slitter?

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What causes scratches and indentations on the film roll of the slitter?

Film slitting machine scratch

Scratches are the appearance quality problem of the film, which directly affects the quality appearance of the deep-processed products, so they are not allowed to exist in the quality control standards of the film. When the scratch problem is found in the cutting process, the cause of the scratch problem must be carefully checked and quickly eliminated. At the same time, because the film surface scratch is an irreversible appearance quality problem, it is not allowed to operate with disease when the film surface scratch occurs. Avoid persistent problems.

Whether the cutting scratch can be determined by comparing the film surface before and after the cutting, the cutting scratch on the film surface has a variety of reasons, should be analyzed and judged according to the appearance of the scratch, such as short line scratch is generally the speed ratio difference of each transmission roll cutting exceeds the process setting requirements, need to be carefully detected and adjusted; If the film surface is continuously scratched, it should be checked whether the film on the slitter machine has touched a fixed object along the route or whether the slitter rolls have adhered to small sand and other dirt and scratched the film surface.

The main causes of film roll indentation are:

1. The winding roller is damaged, such as scratches, etc. When the scratches are longitudinal, the degree of film roll indentation is larger;

2. The surface of the rolling roll is uneven after the winding roll is contaminated, such as adhesive tape, impurities, etc., which will also make the film roll appear indentation, and the rolling roll must be cleaned.

Indentation not only affects the use of the product, but also affects the appearance of the product, causes attenuation of the corona value of the film, and affects the processing performance of the film.